Running Tap Water in Ibaraki

Effect of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident on Running Tap Water in Ibaraki

The prefectural office collected water samples from faucets and tested the amount of radioactive material. Please refer to municipality list and view the data uploaded to Ibaraki Prefecture HP.

●放射性ヨウ素 =radioactive iodine

●放射性セシウム = radioactive cesium

●不検出 =none detected

If the level of radioactive iodine surpasses 100Bq/kg, powdered milk for infants (age under 1) should not be mixed with tap water, and infants should not consume tap water.

※ provisional regulation value for adults

radioactive iodine – 300 Bq/kg (drinking water)

radioactive cesium – 200 Bq/kg (drinking water)

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