About the Multilingual Pointing Board and

About the Multilingual Pointing Board and Multilingual Evacuee Registration Card

[Multilingual Pointing Board]

There is a tool designed for Japanese staffs to communicate at minimum with foreigners who don't understand Japanese at evacuation shelters in case of disasters.

It would be useful not only in times of disaster but also in many other situations if you have it in advance.

You can download the tool in Word or PDF format from the CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations:一般財団法人自治体国際化協会) web site. You can also print it out on paper.

[Multilingual Evacuee Registration Card]

Also evacuees will be asked to write “Evacuee Registration Card" at the reception of shelters.

The cards will be prepared by each shelters.

You can choose by checking boxes to tell them your situation, for example why you came to the shelter and whether or not you want them to contact the embassy.

You can download the multilingual versions of general contents of the cards from CLAIR web site.

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